Run Long – The Truth about Your Races

Aside from facebook reviews, it can be hard to get an idea of how a race will be when you enter. This page will give you a true reflection of ultra runs around the UK. Reviews will be given a mark out of 10 based on a number of categories:

Overall Impression. Self explanatory, how you felt about the race at the end of the event (or more likely, a couple of days after!).

Organisation. How well organised the event was as a whole (i.e. were the organisers all over everything).

Information. How much information the organiser provided, and whether there was anything else you would like to have known.

Difficulty. Difficulty of the route (more difficult being a higher score).

Scenery. How awesome the views are on the way round!

Route. Route selection. Is it all on roads, or does it take in some of the best bits of the local area.

Markings. If the route is marked, how well is it marked? (The race won’t lose out if it’s unmarked).

Food. If anything other than water is provided at aid stations, how well does it meet your needs? (Again, the race won’t lose out if it doesn’t provide feed stations).

Chirpyness. This relates to marshals and aid station personnel. How chirpy are they when you come in hanging out?

Chatability. This relates to other runners. How friendly and willing to chat are they? No adjustment is made for the race length.

Repeatability. Similar to overall impression but taking all elements in to account, how likely are you to do the race again?

If you’ve done a race recently, let me know what you think! If you have any thoughts on other categories, let me know too.

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